​Step Three: Supporting Health with Clinical Nutrition

Our bodies are amazing in their capacity to repair damage caused by toxins.  But because of the increasing burden, these defense mechanisms are overwhelmed.  Our bodies can no longer keep up and are depleted in the process.  We support the body in coping with the stress of environmental toxins by:

  • Feeding a natural diet (if possible) or one that supports healing.
  • Using whole-food nutritional supplements that help repair the damage caused by toxins and that assist the body in the elimination of toxins.  Using Muscle Testing, we can identify the specific nutrients needed for repair and detoxification. 
  • In addition to nutritional support, we can use homeopathic therapy to strengthen the life force.

Preventative medicine involves three steps:  recognizing the causes of disease, taking steps to reduce exposure and supporting health. This last step includes appropriate nutrition, supplements that aid in the elimination of toxins, and the use of therapies (such as homeopathy) that strengthen the life force. 

Step One:  Recognizing Causes of Disease​

There are many causes of disease.  It is important to understand that each of us is susceptible/vulnerable to different things.  The same toxins can affect individual household members in different ways.  Equally important is the accumulative effect of the toxins and stressors on health.  The threshold of toxicity varies from individual to individual.  Some of the most significant disease-causing agents in animals include:

  • Vaccines: damage the immune system, contributing to allergies, auto-immune diseases & cancer.
  • Electromagnetic field energy: produces a deleterious bioelectric effect on our cells (which pulse at 8 Hertz).  The nervous system, immune system and the endocrine system (hormones) are most affected.  Electrical devices (especially fluorescent lights/CFL's, smoke detectors & electric blankets) and power lines produce low-frequency energy (60 Hertz).  Though controversial (according to the industry), there is evidence linking EMF exposure with cancer.  But, high-frequency energy (100,000 Hertz - produced by cell phones, cell phone towers, SmartMeters) is even more damaging.  Geopathic energy (produced by underground faults, water, caverns) includes a variety of harmful energies and can lead to ant & spider problems, deformed plants as well as damage to our nervous system.  If you have heavy metal toxicity, you are even more susceptible to harmful energy. Luckily, there are protective devices now available and we can provide nutritional support to protect the nervous system.

​​Step Two: Reducing Exposure

Increasingly, there are alternatives to the use of toxic products.  The following are some examples:

  • Reduce the use of vaccines.  You probably don’t need most of them.  We can run antibody titers to verify immunity.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of insecticides (for flea and tick control): there are nontoxic alternatives.
  • Use safe alternatives to toxic household & pet products (beds, furniture, paint, pet toys).
  • Install water filters for drinking water and for the shower (chlorine is very carcinogenic).
  • Avoid canned cat foods that contain BPA (see us for a list of clean foods). Avoid kibble, especially in cats (kibble foods contain Genetically modified foods).  Do feed organic produce and grass-fed meats when possible.
  • Use EMF home protection devices from EarthCalm and SafeSpace.
  • Avoid electric blankets and heating pads

A set of Dr. Chalmers handouts (previously only available to clients) on vaccines, nutrition, flea control, obstacles to cure and a home toxicity survey are available for purchase for $10, includes resources and references; call the office if interested (707)538-4643.

Polluted Pets” (April 2008): www.ewg.org/reports/pets

Heal Your Home: The Case for Precaution” www.coopamerica.org/go/healyourhome

Toxic Bedrooms: Your Guide to a Safe Night’s Sleep, by Walter Bader (Freedom Press, 2006).  Available from www.lifekind.com

Help change the law for Rabies Vaccine Requirements; go to the Rabies Challenge Fund- www.rabieschallengefund.com

  • Toxic chemicals: released into the air by household products, chemical toxins are possibly the most serious health challenge we face today. These chemicals are silent, deadly and pervasive. Since the middle of the twentieth century, synthetic chemicals (over 100,000 of them) have increasingly replaced natural substances. They are present in our air, our water, our soil and our bodies. We have reached the point where the chemical burden is so high that no human or animal is unaffected. In 2006, the World Health Organization released a report estimating that environmental pollution contributes to 85% of the human disease.  Another statistic reveals an alarming increase in cancer: 100 years ago the incidence of cancer was 1 in 8,000 people. Today 1 in 3 people will develop cancer in their lifetime. Cancer is now the 2nd leading cause of death in dogs.  Environmental Working Group (ewg.org), recently released results of a study on dogs and cats. All of them tested positive for chemicals including high levels of stain-proofing chemicals (linked to cancer), phthalates (from plastics) and PBDE’s (flame retardants, linked to hyperthyroidism).  Cats also had very high levels of mercury (a neurotoxin).  In effect, our animals are lying on, breathing, drinking and eating chemical toxins.  In some cases there is a direct link between a particular chemical and a specific disease, but most chemicals are toxic to multiple organ systems and/or they combine with other chemicals to create toxicity. When disease develops, it results from a cumulative effect of the various toxins.  We can help you learn how to reduce exposure to these toxins and tailor a nutritional program that will help the body clear the toxins naturally.
  • ​​Heavy metals: Aluminum (acid rain), mercury (mining, fish), chromium (car exhaust), hexavalent chromium (in the water), lead, etc. are common contaminants in our patients. They damage the nervous system.