WATER, MINERALS and DEHYDRATION:  For those who are using Reverse Osmosis please be aware that while this system is great at removing most toxins, it also removes minerals.  Therefore, you are drinking mineral depleted water.  One way to correct for this is to add Celtic or Himalayan or Sea salt (one pinch salt per 8 oz) to the filtered water: there are trace minerals in Sea Salt but not in table salt.  To increase water penetration into your tissues, add 5 berries (blackberries, blueberries, etc) or a small amount lemon juice to your water.  This improves hydration.  This is especially important during the hot summer months.  Older animals can have trouble staying hydrated in the summer.  Signs of dehydration include a scruffy coat, dry gums, decreased appetite, decreased urine production, sore muscles, decreased energy, recurrent bladder infections, etc.  If you are using one of the water filter systems we have recommended (Doulton IP300 or AquaCera Twin-HCP) the minerals are still present but you may still be mineral deficient because of chemicals like Round-up.  For more information about how to stay hydrated,

I recommend a book entitled, Quench, by Dana Cohen, MD & Gina Bria

SARS-CoV2:  This is a treatable disease.  Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs and even conventional medications are being used successfully to prevent and treat this virus.  If you have symptoms of COVID-19, it is important to get treatment right away (within 5 days), preferably from a holistic practitioner.  However, increasing numbers of mainstream practitioners have also developed successful treatment protocols ( Many of these practitioners (holistic and mainstream) also have preventative protocols.   

       One of the differences between the mainstream approach to viral disease and the holistic approach, is the perspective about disease.  The mainstream perspective is that disease is caused by the organism "out there"; this is the "germ theory" perspective.  With this theory, everyone is equally susceptible to the virus and so your risk depends on the characteristics of the virus itself.   The strategy is to avoid contact with the virus and to vaccinate.  But as the former director of the CDC stated, the reason that COVID-19 cases are so high in the U.S. is that we have so many people with "predisposing causes".  This is the "terrain theory" and if you look into your life you recognize the truth of this. People and animals develop symptoms of "infectious disease" because the internal environment (the terrain) is weak and unhealthy.  We are first made "sick" by the toxins in our food, water, air, medications, vaccines and by increasing exposure to non-native radiation.  These toxins damage the internal terrain, resulting in metabolic disease, weakened immunity, organ damage, cancer, etc.  Consistently, we find that people and animals with infections, have low immune counts as a direct result of exposure to Round-up, Atrazine, Dicamba, GMO Promoter and other chemicals.  Non-native radiation (from Smart gadgets, cell towers, power lines, electricity, radio waves, etc) also compromises the immune system.  We know that T-cells (Killer cells) are the primary defense against viruses; T-cell counts are consistently low in those who become ill.  The organism can only gain entry if the host terrain is unhealthy. Thus, the holistic approach is to strengthen the immune system and the vitality of the host.  Clean food and water, minimizing exposure to non-native radiation (wireless, etc), adequate sunlight (vitamin D), air filters, detox support and holistic therapies are key preventative measures.  A healthy host does not support infection.  You can know this from your own experience.  If your body is unhealthy, then you need to protect yourself using the same precautions you would use for any virus; healthy habits, healthcare, avoid crowded indoor events, etc.

      Vaccine injuries: Data collected by the CDC indicates that there have been more than 117 million reports of vaccine reactions.  Symptoms can appear weeks to months after the vaccine.  If you have been injured by a vaccine and need help in reporting it go to:  Contact a holistic practitioner for treatment. 

      If you are confused by the ever-changing, unsupported assertions that you hear from public officials and corporate media, check out the following independent sources:  and   You will find videos and audio recordings with info on published studies and reports, data from the CDC, concerns about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines, information about the probable origin of the virus and interviews with prominent vaccinologists, virologists, scientists & medical practitioners.  Dr. Martenson ( provides a very balanced, thoughtful evaluation of the data re Delta variant, statistics on case numbers, adverse vaccine reactions, etc.  Del Bigtree (thehighwire) is an investigative journalist and he uses a team of experts to analyze the current data re the virus and the vaccine.  For information about the politics of the pandemic, I recommend the Amazon best seller, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  It is well written and well documented.

      If you are concerned about the loss of medical freedom due to the vaccine mandate, it is important to know that the government cannot mandate vaccines.  If faced with a mandate by schools or employers you can find information about how to claim a religious exemption (see Title VII of the US Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination based on religion), on the following website:

So far there are few reported cases of mild disease in cats and dogs.  Some test positive but never developed symptoms. Domestic animals are unlikely transmitters of the disease, though it appears that they can contract the disease from people. 

Diet-related Dilated Cardiomyopathy in dogs: The recent reports of this problem in dogs has been linked to "grain-free" diets.  The current research data reveals that almost all of the implicated diets were kibbles that contain peas, lentils or potatoes (instead of grain) as a replacement for animal protein.  Toxins are suspected (most likely a combination of toxins including Round-up), but it may also be due to low carnitine, an amino acid essential for the canine heart.  The problem is not the result of a lack of grains (which dogs don't require and which play a role in cardiovascular disease when fed in excess).  The best defense against dietary deficiencies or excess and against the accumulation of toxins, is variety.  Feed at least 2 or 3 different foods each week and avoid kibble - it is toxic for a number of reasons.  We use whole foods and herbs to help support natural detox in our patients.   And it would be wise to avoid excessive us of peas, lentils and potatoes. 

Alternatives to Round-up:  When they learn how toxic this chemical is, people naturally ask about alternatives.   Some of our clients borrow goats periodically and claim that they do a great job in clearing out the weeds.   Another option (if you don't feel like pulling them out by hand) is to spray 30% vinegar directly on the weeds.  It can take 2 applications to kill them.  We found 30% vinegar on    

Arsenic poisoning:  We diagnosed arsenic toxicity in 3 families of cats.  The surprising source was the colored cat toys.  I suspect that the dyes contain arsenic.  Since dogs and cats don't need colored toys to have fun I recommend purchasing un-dyed toys, organic if possible.   We found some great toys at    If you find other clean toys please let us know so we can share the information.  


A 2006 report from the World Wide Health Organization estimated that 85% of all human disease is linked to environmental pollution. Our testing reveals that the same chemicals and heavy metals that contribute to disease in people also contribute to disease in dogs and cats.  Cancer (now the number two cause of death in dogs) and hyperthyroidism (in cats) are two examples of environmental disease in animals.  But almost every patient we see is affected in some way by environmental toxins:  whether they have GI symptoms, respiratory symptoms, heart disease, hormonal disease, musculoskeletal disease, skin symptoms, or a chronic infection.  If we are to stop the escalating spiral of disease, we must take a fresh look at our health care practices, our home environment, the water we are drinking and the purchases we are making every day.  I offer you suggestions on how to reduce your exposure to chemical toxins and radiation on the Preventative Medicine page.  You'll also find information on health care practices such as vaccination protocols and pesticides.  To schedule a health care consultation go to the New Client page.

We offer homeopathy, clinical nutrition and health care consultations for cats, dogs and horses.
We also offer anesthesia-free dental care for cats and dogs (see below).

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Clinical nutrition means that we use food as medicine. Nutritional disease is more common than we realize. One reason is that we have been feeding our animals processed (packaged) foods for the past several generations. Commercial diets (and some homemade diets) are almost always deficient and/or imbalanced and/or contain toxins.  Food sensitivities (which can result in vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, itching, etc.) are on the rise.  Increasing exposure to genetically modified organisms in our food is one reason for this "new disease".  In addition, environmental toxins (air, water and food pollution) are a significant contributor to disease in both people and animals (see below).  We also use nutrition as the primary therapy in the treatment of infections, musculo-skeletal problems, hormonal diseases, digestive problems, skin disease and other common diseases. 

How does it work?
The first step in the process is to find a biologically appropriate diet that will help build and maintain health. We will recommend a variety of clean commercial and home-made foods made from whole, unprocessed foods. There is no single recipe or diet that is "complete and balanced". This is only achieved through the use of a variety of foods.  Step two is to design an individualized supplement program that will support the immune system, organs and detox pathways so that natural healing can occur.  The nutritional supplements are all made from organ meats and whole organic herbs and foods that supply what the body needs at this moment in order to come into balance and heal.

We are able to specifically tailor the nutritional supplement program using a very systematic method of applied kinesiology that we call Energy Resonance Testing. Our homeopathically potentized test kits allow us to determine what is causing stress in the animal (chemicals, metals, GMO's, food sensitivities, radiation exposure, infectious organisms, etc.). We then test for the supplements that will best alleviate the stress and help restore function.  Please see our Clinical Nutrition page and read the Case Reports for more information.  For optimal results, we can use homeopathic remedies to strengthen the vital force and address underlying constitutional weakness (whether it is inherited or acquired). 


Homeopathy is a 200-year-old system of medicine based on the principal that “like cures like” (homeo = same, pathos = illness). This means that a medicine that can induce particular symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat those same symptoms in a sick person or animal. The medicines, called remedies, are made from natural substances (plants, minerals, animal products) and potentized (made powerful) to impact the vital force energetically. The remedies strengthen and re-balance the life force so that symptoms can resolve naturally. Thus, our goal is cure rather than temporary palliation or suppression. Even in animals with advanced or incurable disease, homeopathy can improve the quality of life. For more information see the Homeopathy page read our Case Reports


We now offer anesthesia-free dental clinics on the third Monday of each month. An exam is performed first, in order to determine if your animal is a candidate for anesthesia-free dental cleaning.  If there are cracks, cavities, infections or other problems we will refer you back to your general practitioner for dental surgery.   If there are no problems, a trained dental technician will do complete teeth scaling (with an ultrasonic scalar or by-hand), including subgingival scaling. He will also polish the teeth. For more information about this service, call us (538-4643) or take a look at the website for Animal Dental Care:



We offer this website as a resource for those who are motivated to learn about holistic health care and want to live more consciously on the planet.  For more information go to our Preventative Medicine Page and see below for periodic updates on current tips and research findings.  We live in an exciting and challenging time.  If we are to successfully evolve into a heart-based culture we must find ways to live in harmony with the earth and all its critters.